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Not every China inspection company can provide qualified inspection services, some of which cheat customers through superficial inspection services.Why did a third party China inspection company choose to do superficial inspection?  Some are in order to save costs, because their offer to customers is very low, even as low as 100USD / person / day.In order to get more profits, they will require inspectors to have more workloads, like double inspections or even more a day.

If this type of China inspection company does this, it means that their inspectors do not have enough time to carry out professional inspections in the factory.On the other hand, some China inspection company requires inspectors to take a large number of photos to cheat customers. Clients will get a nearly 100 pages inspection report, which tells the clients that their inspectors work so hard.  In fact, a lot of time has been spent on photographing during the limited working hours. How can they ensure that inspectors have enough time to do professional tests?  Can the quality of the products sold to the market be guaranteed under this inspection method?  A high return rate is a nightmare for importers / retailers.At the same time, sellers will lose profits and reputation. Why Return Goods will tell you what caused the consumer to return the product and how will you to solve it.  

As we all know, the inspection quotation of the third party China inspection company is based on the number of people and the number of days, which means that the inspectors should complete the inspection task within one day for most cases.

Therefore, if inspectors have no idea about the problems or difficulties may have in the factory during the inspection and there are no advanced solutions.Inspectors will have to spend a lot of time and energy on useless things after arriving.

For example, mandatory test items, can it be done on site?  If there are no conditions, even if the test is very important, most inspection companies will only tell the customer that the test project cannot be operated on site.However,the CLI inspection company will check with the factory in advance whether there is a feasible alternative test plan and find a way to ensure that the most important inspection work can be carried out instead of passively and simply telling the customer that the test cannot be carried out.

This is called professional inspection service, not a superficial inspection attitude.

Unfortunately, many importers turn a blind eye to this fact.What you see may not be true, so it is time to question the China inspection company, which provides superficial inspection services.If the test is to take pictures, why not directly ask factory staff to do it instead, so that you don’t have to pay for quality control. Of course, importers may arrange their own inspectors to take pictures and believe it will not be a superficial inspection, but this is not the truth. Set Up Own QC Team discusses this problem in details from the point of view of cost and difficulty in managing the inspector team. 

From the perspective of CLI China inspection company, we believe that the prerequisite for China inspection company to provide professional and effective inspection services instead of superficial inspection services is that people must have a good daily operation design and knowledge information management system to optimize procedures and improve work efficiency.

As for CLI China inspection company, the knowledge management system must perfect and establish all relevant information modules, including on-site inspectors, office staffs, suppliers, factories, standards,technical knowledge management and etc.

If a China inspection company does not have these information management systems, it is very difficult for its inspectors to carry out professional inspection within one working day.

If this is not possible, the inspection services provided by the company are basically ” superficial inspection”.  Unfortunately, most of China inspection company has been playing this game.

For China inspection company, the biggest difficulty in avoiding superficial inspection is the management of the company’s team.For large inspection companies over 100 years old, they are too old to make any changes because they live in the past and do not know what happened.

For the new China inspection company like CLI inspection, they are actively applying information technology to reform the traditional inspection industry with a history of more than 100 years and strive to gain an advantage in fierce competition.

Therefore, for a China inspection company, the core advantage is to have a business operation knowledge information management system to ensure that there are no weak links in daily business.

Gradually, improving the professional knowledge management system has become an important basis for judging whether a China inspection company can provide ” professional inspection services instead of superficial services”.