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In the process of serving small and medium importers in the world, CLI inspection company found deeply that the customer’s demand for laboratory testing of products is extremely diverse.They need to have lab partner or product testing consulting team in China to provide them with considerate services.

Many of our customers have contacted major testing companies around the world, experienced high testing costs and poor service experience,then turned to CLI inspection company for help.Because of their long-term cooperation, they believe that CLI can become their lab partner and have the ability to provide them with personalized product testing services.

For many years, CLI inspection company has been continuously exploring how to meet the product laboratory testing needs of small and medium importers worldwide. In order to meet the diversified testing needs of customers, CLI has gradually formed a set of mature and effective professional services for comparison of testing costs and consultation of product testing schemes.We have established lab partner relationships with a group of domestic and foreign product laboratory testing companies that can meet the testing needs of different customers.

The benefits are obvious that customers use the laboratory consulting service of the CLI inspection company.

  • Firstly,the customers make full use of the good lab partner relationship between CLI inspection company and various large laboratories to obtain better product testing plan with more reasonable price comparison and testing consultation.
  • Secondly, all the big laboratories in the world have branches in China. Therefore, through the test consultation service of CLI inspection company,the best product laboratory test plan and the best test quotation can be obtained in a very short time.
  • Thirdly, customers do not have to face the time difference problem, which saves a lot of communication time and improves work efficiency.
  • Fourthly, customers no longer need to face language barriers.

The laboratory service team of CLI inspection company is a professional team that has been honed for a long time, it can quickly understand the needs of customers. With the professional background, it can select suitable testing companies for customers to help them control and save testing costs and improve efficiency.

With the accumulation of years, the testing consulting services of CLI are gradually enriched,covering a variety of products and standards. Please check  Testing Scopes for more details.

Through a large number of lab partners and different types of lab partner, one-stop service is provided for customers to quickly give laboratory test plans and quotation.

Our common large lab partner is:


TUV is famous in Europe; TUV was created in 1872 and currently has more than 16,000 workers all over the world. TUV offers safety testing for a range of products, such as appliances, electronics, medical products and textiles. CLI Inspection mainly works with their lab in Guangzhou City and Jiangsu.

Their labs are accredited by HKAS and CCC.


Eurofins first started in Europe in solely the wine business but has since expanded all over the world. They now test many types of products and are a world leader in testing for the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and consumer products industries. With over 150 offices in 30 countries, Eurofins recently opened labs in Shanghai and Shenzhen which is a very competitive firm for testing, especially for toys, furniture and home products.

It is ISO 17025 accredited by CNAS, CPS, and CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Accredited Testing Laboratory #1301).


CLI Inspection has been working with STR since 2007, even before it was acquired by the largest certification company in the world: UL (Underwriter Laboratories.) Together, they bring 60 years of experience to the table and are located on 5 continents and in over 140 countries, and work to guarantee the highest level of safety and quality. We mainly deal with STR laboratory in Shenzhen and in Hong Kong for special tests.

Their Shenzhen laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by CNAS, as well as ISTA, CMA and CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Accredited Testing Laboratory #1007).

The laboratory in Hong Kong is ISO 17025 accredited by HKAS, HKSAR and UKAS, ISTA, LACE, CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Accredited Testing Laboratory #1005), CEC, MACAU SAR and MHLW.