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In the process of developing and managing suppliers worldwide, small and medium-sized importers in various countries urgently need a vendor audit scheme that can meet their basic requirements. The relatively low cost is required to replace the tedious traditional vendor audit service, which CLI inspection company calls ” Quick factory audit”. This customized service is a simplified version. If it involves all aspects of the factory management system, please see the introduction of Factory Audit. It is mentioned that the majority of factory audits currently adopt ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards.

For example, when an importer is interested in a Chinese supplier through online channels, he hopes to have a general understanding of several major aspects of the supplier instead of complicated traditional and expensive supplier audits before confirming the cooperation of both parties. This auditing requirement is “Quick  factory audit”.

Specifically, the customer only wants to know the following details:

  • Whether the suppliers has their own factory or not?
  • How many people are there in the office? Is there a design department?
  • Where are the supplier’s main customers from? The price and quality of his products are positioned at the middle or low end.
  • What is the size of their own factory? Have they passed ISO9000 certification?
  • What is the level of production management and quality control of their own factories?
  • The supplier’s bank credit.

The customer only hopes to obtain information on all aspects of the supplier through quick factory audit . Although the scope cover widely, it only obtains limited information, because this will give a more comprehensive understanding of the supplier.
When the customer entrusts CLI inspection company to conduct a quick factory audit, the customer can usually receive the report on the second working day.

The customer can then obtain a lot of basic information about the vendor from this quick factory audit report. Compared with choosing the traditional complicated and expensive vendor audit services of large inspection companies, customers cannot get the information they pay attention to, while quick factory audit service provided by CLI can solve the audit needs of customers with very high cost-effective price. After all, the traditional vendor audit service originated from several large international inspection companies. This is an audit service customized for hypermarket brands, but is not aimed at small and medium-sized importers around the world.

In addition,the CLI also provides a social audits, please check Social Audit, it is mainly to check the supplier’s labor rights, working conditions and environmental protection. After understanding the focus of different factory audits, you can choose the appropriate factory audit service according to your actual needs. 

In fact, the vendor audit requirements of small and medium-sized importers are completely different. therefore, CLI inspection company is committed to providing high cost-effective factory audit services to small and medium-sized importers worldwide. The workflow of quick vendor audit of CLI has undergone many revisions and upgrades.Therefore, this service can meet the vendor audit requirements for most small and medium importers. If the customer needs a purely customized factory audit service, please refer to CAS audit service.

What is a quick factory audit?

The quick factory audit ( QFA ) is designed to give you an overview of the general situation of the factory. It usually takes only one day before you place an order with a new supplier in.
The audit checklist is faster than a complete audit and usually takes a day.

What are the advantages of quick factory audit to you?

It is very important to let you know who you are dealing with on the files of potential business partners:

  • a vendor, a factory or even a middleman, who only buys from China.
  • Less audit costs and faster report submission.
  • Avoid fraud and inexperienced suppliers.
  • Compare potential suppliers and choose feasible sources.
  • Check the certificates and licenses required by a particular factory.
  • Check the factory’s experience in producing products.

What should we check during quick factory audit?

  • Quality system: Verify whether there is a quality control system on site.
  • Brief description of the factory: Official business name, ownership, contact information, production workshop, etc.
  • Employees and labor force: An overview of human resources policies, management styles and workers’ status.
  • Experience: Transaction history, customer information and available samples.
  • Document validation: Check licenses and certificates.