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CLI provides lab services for product testing

CLI inspection provides professional lab testing services to importers and retailers around the world, which focus on selecting specific product testing items list and comparing the test item price for customers.

In the field of product testing and consulting services, many companies have the same type of business with many organizations that provide professional product testing.

Why do you need lab services?

For importers, lab testing of products is complicated. They need lab testing service companies to provide them with comprehensive and efficient product testing consulting services.The CLI inspection company provides this kind of professional and cost-effective lab testing services.

Consulting service before product test is the most important part of lab testing services. As the customer’s product testing consultant,the senior customer manager of CLI provides lab testing services to customers.At same time,customize specialized product testing project lists and comprehensive budget control for customers, as a package lab testing services.

Advantages of outsourcing lab services

Some customers prefer to arrange their own product tests instead of outsourcing lab testing services to third party consulting service inspection agencies, such as CLI. On the surface, this seems to save lab testing services consulting costs.In fact, they will pay more for lab testing services than employing third party inspection agents to do it.

For example, most large-scale testing institutions have branches in mainland China and most imported products are “Made in China”. CLI inspection originated in China,our professional staff have extensive and close business with most testing companies which lab testing services are targeted at importers and retailers worldwide.

Therefore, CLI inspection companies can help customers obtain better prices from big testing companies.Because unless they are regular customers,big testing companies will not offer preferential prices to small customers.

Professional CLI team

In addition,lab testing services provided by CLI inspection is a complete set of services, from making a list of product testing items, controlling product testing budget and price comparison, to arranging inspectors to arrive at the production site to randomly take test samples.Monitor the whole process of taking test samples ,safely send to the designated third party lab and take responsible for tracking the test report, etc. Our inspectors are distributed in coastal cities and industrial manufacturing cities, customers do not need worry about the distance between regions. Please check Coverage Area to learn more about our team. 

The one-stop service is extremely convenient for customers, because they only need to use our lab testing services and do not need to connect with other relevant testing parties.

With the lab testing services team of CLI, you no longer need to overcome time differences and language barriers to push forward the test progress when contacting all relevant testing parties.The previous way of working is inefficient and difficult. At the same time, we have a team of experienced inspectors, the inspection service covers most industries and products. Please refer to Testing Scopes for more information. In addition, you are always welcome to consult us for more inspection details.  

Frequently used test items

The frequently used test items for customers imported goods from China are as follows:

  • Reach Compliance
  • CPSIA Compliance
  • EMC & LVD
  • Oeko-Tex 100