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The definition of Third Party Inspection Company

As one of a professional third party inspection companies with over 10 years of experience,CLI helps global importers and retailers to improve supply chain management. In particular, it can help customers purchase and provide professional inspection services in China, improve the quality and safety of imported goods,and reduce purchasing risks.

Common inspection service types cover different production stages of product production. CLI inspection company uses the professional background and product expertise of third party inspection companies to carry out targeted product quality control. In addition, the CLI’s business area can cover the whole of China,which aim to reduce the time spent by inspectors on traffic and thus having more time to check products. Coverage Area introduces the main business areas in detail and provides more purchasing references for customers. 

Pre shipment inspection

  • Pre shipment inspection service which is the most often recommended service to customers by third party inspection companies. 
  • Normally,100 % of the products are ready and at least 80 % packing are required.
  • The results of the inspection report will enable customers to fully understand the quality of the goods.

Initial production inspection

  • Some importers require third party inspection companies to recommend the use of initial production inspection service to help them check quality problems that may be found at the initial stage of product manufacturing.
  • The initial production inspection often arranged when 5 – 10 % of the products are produced.
  • The key points of initial production inspection is on raw materials, manufacturing technology and daily production capacity.

During production inspection

  • There are some customer’s purchase orders with large quantity and single product. In order to prevent the factory from changing the production materials and technical parameters, third party inspection companies, such as CLI inspection, will recommend the during production inspection service to the customer.
  • Usually, the during production inspection will be carried out when 30 % to 50 % of the order quantity is produced.
  • The inspection service focuses on the stability of the production materials and the rationality of the production process to ensure that the factory does not cut corners on the materials and production process. In case of quality problems, the factory also has enough time to remedy them so as to avoid air transportation.

Container loading supervision

Third party inspection companies often use container loading supervision to help customers control the safety of products in the container inspection process and confirm that the quantity meets the requirements of orders.

Random sampling

In order to ensure that quality of the test samples sent to the customer’s designated third party laboratory are exactly the same as the bulk goods. Third party inspection companies, such as CLI inspection, will strongly recommend random sampling services to customers to prevent factories from falsifying test samples submitted for inspection.

After the above inspections, the CLI inspection will issue a formal report. We will fill in the most useful information in the report. The inspection content is customized and targeted. For more information about the quality inspection report, please check Inspection Report.

Take " our professional knowledge" as " your advantage"

CLI inspection expects the global importers / retailers to regard ” our expertise” as ” your advantage” to ensure the safety of your import supply chain in China. And can let you rest assured to develop new suppliers in whole China and reduce the risk of product quality. More About Your Benefits the importer / retailer can fully understand from the article and will be more confident about your advantage.