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CLI is an inspection company in China,which provides professional product inspection at a reasonable price of 238 USD (one inspector in one day),full service. For an inspection company in China,it is very important to prepare a professional inspection protocol and give it to the customer before inspection.

What aspects does the typical inspection protocol include? Take CLI inspection company as an example. There are the following parts:

  • A general introduction to the product and customer background.
  • What are the mandatory testing and inspection points suggested by CLI ?
  • Which are the suggested inspection points that need to be confirmed by the customer?
  • CLI lists defects by product catalog and separately lists the most frequently product defects for backup.
  • In addition, CLI  will conduct internal quality risk analysis before sending inspectors.

Some people may have questions about why CLI as an inspection company in China can make inspection protocol for almost consumer goods. To be honest,this is a good question for newcomers who do not know anything about the third-party inspection industry.Because CLI is an inspection company in China,it has a professional knowledge system for various products. There is an old saying: ” let the experts do their best and employ the best people to serve you instead of doing everything by yourself! ” In fact,in our opinion,we classify consumer goods by the catalogue according to the inspection protocol and various parts of the inspection standard. In this way,CLI as the inspection company in China can be prepared for brand-new consumer goods and fully understand its internal & external quality inspection standards and quality warning. Before CLI sends inspectors to the factory,we have made sufficient preparations. One of the most common inspection methods is that the customer arranges the CLI inspection company to the factory for inspection before loading,through the quality inspection standards prepared in the early stage,the inspector will further check the product whether it meets the customer’s requirements and this will help the customer reduce the quality risk. Pre Shipment Inspection introduces the whole process of inspection in detail and tells the customer the importance of it.

Who will allow this batch of goods to be shipped? This is a frequently asked question.

There are tens of thousands of people who have no knowledge or little knowledge of the inspection company in China, they import goods from China or Asian countries.As a third party inspection company in China, CLI will try its best to find out visible and invisible quality risks and fill them in the inspection report, so that you can judge whether suppliers are allowed to deliver goods by reading the report. Unfortunately,some inspection companies in China have chosen to cheat customers by making superficial inspections with quick inspections or inspection reports of rich but meaningless photos. For CLI inspection,we are committed to becoming the best inspection company in China,providing our customers with a systematic and complete professional report.So what does such a report include Inspection Report will elaborate.

In the past,retailers relied on third-party inspection companies with a history of more than 100 years to decide whether to deliver goods or not. However,they gradually realized that this was not feasible.It was inefficient and didn’t reduce the risk.

At present,almost all customers do not allow the third party inspection company in China to make shipping decisions on behalf of them. Unless it is an emergency or the inspection company in China has obtained authorization from customers,these contents will be clearly noted as important clauses in the inspection agreement.