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The commitment of CLI inspection company

CLI inspection is dedicated to providing professional and cost-effective third party inspection to importers and retailers worldwide in China.

In order to provide the first-class third party inspection for customers, CLI inspection company has put forward a brand-new third party inspection concept based on its in-depth understanding of the inspection industry and the latest needs of customers, and has become an important participant in the market.

This makes us different from the service philosophy of traditional third party inspection companies.The inspection service of traditional third-party inspection companies is often unable to meet the inspection needs of emerging small and medium-sized importers or retailers. They even choose to ignore the voice of customers and perform superficial inspection to hoke customers.

The advantages of CLI inspection company

In CLI, we firmly oppose this! For those customers who cannot obtain satisfactory service from traditional inspection companies, they have new chance to choose. By assigning the CLI inspection company to do third party inspection for them, they can obtain a completely new inspection service experience.

We have established an advanced information system to manage the accumulation of daily operations, industry knowledge and quality problems. It’s convenient for internal training and knowledge sharing.

In order to provide our customers with third party inspection that is higher than the standard of the inspection industry, CLI inspection company has introduced knowledge management information system to establish a new industry benchmark for the third party inspection industry. It has achieved comprehensive control of all stages of product quality risk and reduced daily operating costs by as much as 30 %.

Product expertise

CLI company’s third party inspection has the following product expertise:

  • ” Electrical and electronic products”
  • ” Textile”
  • ” Household goods”
  • ” Industrial parts”

CLI provides a professional, cost-effective third-party inspection for global customers, which almost covers all coastal cities and inland provincial capital cities in mainland China.   

For Asian countries, CLI third party inspection also covers Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and other regions.

What did they do before using CLI third party inspection?

Some customers have not used CLI third party inspection before,so they have to take long-distance international flights to China, cost many travel expenses and spend most of their time on the road. By outsourcing inspection work to CLI third party inspection, they can focus on their core advantages such as product design, product procurement, marketing and customer maintenance to optimize business processes and improve capital and human efficiency. According to CLI data statistics, some customers saved up to 70 % of the quality control budget by using CLI third party inspection. Importers can read Pricing to know the related costs of CLI, or directly consults with a third party’s customized outsourcing service to achieve better effect cost control. 

Before outsourcing the inspection to CLI third party inspection, they need to worry about the increasing quality control budget. After that, they have no worries about the quality and safety of the products in the supply chain. They are willing to do the most important thing and earn more benefits by expanding the market and making more profits.

The efficiency and competitiveness only can be improved through the integration of different resources, which is why there are more and more outsourcing services. You can know more details about Advantage of Outsourcing Inspection and why outsourcing is recognized by more importers? 

Integrate CLI third party inspection into customer's supply chain management

For customers who have never carried out quality control of suppliers and factories, the introduction of CLI third party inspection in business operations may increase import costs by us $ 238. However, in the long run, it is risky for an enterprise to rely entirely on the factory. It is hard to believe that the factory will put your interests in the first place unless the factory is your own.

Risks are everywhere. I believe CLI third party inspection can help our customers greatly reduce product quality risks in international trade.