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In international trade,pre shipment inspection is a very common method for buyers to avoid international trade risks.It is usually to entrust a third party pre shipment inspection agencies to do pre shipment inspection of products.

The specific reason is that international trade is usually cross-border trade,with long time,many links and high transaction risks.Moreover,the trade between the two sides is usually dominated by L /C and T / T.Therefore,many importers and buyers will add quality assurance clauses to their orders,require suppliers to pass the pre shipment inspection conducted by independent third party pre-shipment inspection agencies entrusted by them.A clear pre shipment inspection report is an important basis for customers to pay.Although the customer may also have their own inspectors,they represent the importer’s own interests,so the factory or supplier usually does not approve the inspection report issued by the customer’s own inspectors,believing that the inspection report cannot reflect objectivity.

Therefore,the inspection service provided by independent pre shipment inspection agencies come into being at the historic moment. At the same time,the inspection company must also issue a customized inspection list before providing inspection services. Inspection Protocol will describe in detail what are the mandatory testing and inspection points recommended by the CLI and which are the recommended inspection points that need to be confirmed by the customer.

The third-party inspection service industry has a history of more than 100 years,from the control of qualities,weights and other for grain and raw materials in the early transnational commodity trade to the global division of labor that began in the middle of the 20th century.Due to the industrial division of labor between countries and the internationalization of product standards,there is also an objective need for independent pre shipment inspection agencies to provide product inspection services,so the product inspection technology also can be continuously improved.

Up to now,the core basis of the third-party inspection industry represented by the pre shipment inspection agencies is still the random sampling method based on probability theory ( ISO2859 sampling method ). The quality situation of a large number of goods can be basically reflected through the inspection and analysis of the sample quality situation. If the customer is worried about the quantity of products packed in containers after arranging the pre shipment inspection,he may further request the inspection company to carry out the loading inspection.At this time,the inspector must ensure that all goods are safely and completely loaded into containers.In Container Loading Supervisor,the importer can clearly see the loading process of CLI.

In the actual situation,the large business of the industry giants of the pre shipment inspection agencies is to provide product quality inspection and product quality laboratory testing services to big brand companies or developers around the world. Because of the homogeneity of the inspection services provided by the pre shipment inspection agencies,the price competition is very fierce. As a result,industry giants have reduced the price to attract and bind customers through packaged inspection and testing services.It also serves as the main profit channel by providing customers with product laboratory tests,which can generate huge profits.

Therefore,the existing large-scale pre shipment inspection agencies, whose business processes and operations are only suitable for serving large retailers such as Wal – Mart. Does not mean that the bigger inspection company is better. For small and medium-sized importers and retailers around the world,choosing large multinational inspection companies is not the best choice in their imagination. Is Bigger Better will explain the main reasons accurately.

  • Firstly,the organizational structure is different,which is not suitable for serving small and medium-sized companies,they tend to be big customers,so don’t pay much attention on small and medium-sized customers.
  • Secondly,the service cost is too high to offer discounts.
  • Thirdly,the fundamental reason is that their operation modes are relatively fixed and they will not provide customized services to small and medium-sized customers.

CLI,as one of the pre shipment inspection agencies,has targeted small and medium-sized customers around the world as core customers since inception, relying on high-quality and low-priced inspection services and taking customized inspection services as its core competitiveness. Moreover,the management team is composed of professionals who highly agree with the company’s development philosophy.They deeply understand customers’ pain points and needs.

As one of pre shipment inspection agencies ,CLI has unique advantages,these characteristics as follows:

  • Firstly,dig deeply into the inner core requirements of the inspection industry and build a high-speed daily business management software system of CLI.
  • Secondly,the inspection industry is transformed through a modular software system to realize the accumulation and rapid update of knowledge and experience.
  • Thirdly,to establish the company’s core competitiveness is to build a learning organization as the key points and use professional business management as a means to establish an efficient professional service team, so as to cope with the ever-changing personalized needs of different customers.