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In international trade, besides routine inspection services, supplier quality audit is also an important part of supply chain management. Audit and inspection complement each other. The main purpose of the inspection service is to help customers reduce the import risk in the quality of goods as much as possible. Service types can be selected according to different requirements, Inspection has listed different inspection service types. And factory audits are usually arranged before placing orders. After confirming that the factory has no serious problems,it can be listed as a qualified supplier. 

Under the traditional situation, customers need to know all aspects of the new suppliers, such as factory scale management level, bank credit, and other important information. We have to learn more about each other through on-the-spot investigations to enhance mutual trust, so as to confirm the cooperation relationship. Unfortunately, due to the direct interest of both parties, the buyer’s on-site evaluation of the seller is usually too subjective to objectively and fairly reflect the actual situation.

Therefore, by entrusting a non-interested third party inspection company to carry out standardization, professional factory on-site audit becomes an inevitable choice.With the development of globalization, importers from all over world can easily exploit new supplier resources in the world through the adoption of supplier quality audit of the third party inspection company.

At present, the majority of factory audits adopt ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards, involving all aspects of the factory management system. It usually takes at least two days or more to complete a supplier.

The factory audit business of each big inspection company is similar in process, but different in some details. They tend to peddle complicated supplier qualiy audit service items to their customers, but they do not think much about their practicality. Because most of their customers are large stores or international brands, such customers are not sensitive to the cost of supplier quality audit.

Therefore, only a few small and medium-sized importers will choose large inspection companies to provide them with complicated, expensive, but not practical supplier quality audit.

In the process of serving small and medium-sized importers in the world, CLI company deeply realizes the importance of optimizing the workflow of supplier qualiy audit. Provide customers with a reasonable supply qualiy audit service, reduce audit fees and ensure that the content of the audit is concerned by customers. Such supply qualiy audit is the greatest value to small and medium-sized importers around the world.

As for large inspection companies, due to their bloated organization, rigid management model and high cost, they can only passively serve a few large stores and brand stores around the world.

The differentiated supply quality audit service represents the future trend because the global consumer market is already moving towards the internet. Small and medium-sized importers in the world are continuously developing their online stores in the Internet by online channels to increase their market share. The future of the inspection industry is to serve the emerging online buyers. In addition, there is another factory audit, which is a higher level of supply chain management service than the traditional one. Please check Social Audit for details.To a certain extent, the service can supervise the factory to improve the social welfare of workers and improve production working conditions.Generally speaking, factories who can pass the social audits have a higher level of production management and produce better quality products. Consumers can choose the above two kinds of factory inspection services according to their own needs.