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What is comprehensive factory audit service?

A Comprehensive Factory Audit is one of the most complete audits in a factory audit. We can audit factories against a wide range of international standards, importer requirements and CLI’s many years of experience. Not only do we check the factory’s quality technology and supply chain safety, we also audit the factory’s social responsibility. We compile a report on the audit and score the indicators for the importer’s judgment and assessment. This service is particularly useful if the importer is confirming whether it is going to work with a particular factory, or an existing factory. It helps the importer to verify the qualifications, size, strength and integrity of the factory to ensure proper production and delivery of subsequent orders.

How do importers benefit from comprehensive factory audit service?

  • Have a clear understanding of the factory's capacity and management.
  • Ensure that the factory is in compliance with the importer's supply chain management system.
  • Ensure that the factory is free from quality, management, safety and ethical risks.
  • Ensure the level of the supply chain management system.
  • Maintain and protect the importer's brand image.

Content and service process of comprehensive factory audit service

  • Get the contact information of the factory and the special requirements of importer.
  • Contact the factory to confirm the time for comprehensive factory audit.
  • Follow the internationally recognized ISO9000 quality management system standard and start the comprehensive factory audit, including the following items: Factory overview, production capacity, condition of machinery and equipment, workflow, quality assurance system, safety precautionary equipment and system, environmental audit, document and record check, personnel management, worker interview, etc.
  • Compile the results of the comprehensive factory audit into a report and give the scores.
  • Wait for the confirmation of the results from the importer.

The price of comprehensive factory audit service