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Don't hire inspectors by yourself unless ...

Product quality inspection is definitely not as simple as employing your own inspectors! Many customers ( importers or global retailers ) think that supply chain management is to employ several inspectors to carry out product quality inspection before delivery and even rely on inspectors to decide whether or not to deliver goods.Product quality inspection in supply chain management has never been as simple as employing several quality control stuffs in China.There are many sad stories associated with ” building your own team of inspectors”, this happens occasionally.

If the importer intends to establish his own team of inspectors to carry out product quality inspection, there should be the following prerequisites:

Consider carefully before you decide to hire your own inspectors. In order to better product quality inspection, customers should have enough orders for production in Chinese factories.Or it is unwise to employ several inspectors to fly to factories to carry out product quality inspection. There may be thousands of kilometers between factories. In this way, your inspectors spend too much time and money on the road, even they are flying or on a high-speed train. Compared with this unwise practice,you might as well try a third party inspection company,  Inspection describes in detail for how to outsource the inspection to them,save time and effort,prevent factories from cutting corners at the same time. 

In order to continuously improve the inspector’s management of product quality inspection, if you do not employ a professional quality inspection manager to represent your management team, you need to overcome the language and time differences and personally manage the inspector team. If the inspectors were allowed to manage themselves, it would be a disaster for the safety of the supply chain.  However, if you plan to employ a qualified QC manager to manage the inspector team for you, then his salary cost will be very expensive. In addition, there is no such system as CLI ERP to manage orders, products and various cases in a unified way, so chaos will inevitably occur in the later period. But in Our Services elaborate that CLI inspection company has been dedicated to developing first-class inspection knowledge and management system for many years, which enables us to provide Chinese inspection service to importers.

Cost and risk analysis of establishing own team of inspectors.

According to our statistics, the customer’s purchase amount in China must reach at least 50 million USD, or the annual inspection order is more than 2,000. If other factors are not taken into consideration, it is appropriate to set up their own inspection team from the perspective of the estimated cost of product quality inspection.

However, for customers, controlling inspection costs is only one factor in supply chain management. If you provide yourself or your customers with high-quality professional product quality inspection,what is the top priority business element to consider.

This is why companies as big as Wal-Mart all choose to outsource quality inspection to other large inspection organizations in order to conduct more professional product quality inspection. But does the inspection organization bigger mean better ? Will they treat you as a VIP client?  Is  Bigger Better will start with different interests and explain that large inspection agencies are not absolutely suitable for every importer.