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In international trade, “follow up order”is usually applicable to importers or buyers who have relatively weak supply chain management in a country or region and need to strengthen the level of supply chain management in that region. By outsourcing the whole process of order production and quality control to a third party inspection company, the professional background of the third party inspection company is used to ensure the quality and delivery date of the order. This kind of one-stop service aims at importers’ supply chain outsourcing. Because there are many service contents involved and the needs of each customer are different, the specific service contents for order follow-up are usually determined through negotiation between the two parties.

CLI inspection company’s follow up order service project provides professional and reliable order production and product quality supply chain management for small and medium sized importers worldwide.

In the process of providing follow up order service, CLI inspection company will deeply participate in the customer’s purchasing process and provide professional services to customers, mainly involving: product production, product quality control and production risk assessment services.

At the same time, it does not participate in the preliminary price negotiation and product development process between the customer and the factory, effectively ensuring the core commercial secrets of the customer: purchase price and exclusive rights of product design and development.

The follow up order service of CLI focuses on strongly intervening in areas where customers are not good at, such as selecting new suppliers but not participating in order placing and price negotiation.  At the same time to help customers audit new suppliers, in Audit, four specific ways are used to ensure the safety of the supply chain and reduce the business risk of developing new suppliers.

Quality control in the early stage of product production, quality control in the middle stage of product production, evaluation of production process, evaluation of product quality stability, quality evaluation in the late stage of large cargo, provision of risk warning in the delivery stage and final container inspection and loading service. Outsourcing follow up order and using professional supply chain management skills of CLI inspection company, customers only need to pay attention to the core design, price negotiation and marketing of products. 

Through “ Follow up order”, customers can easily realize the product from the draft design to the final production of large goods, ensuring the overall quality stability and punctual delivery of large goods. Usually, the number of small and medium importers is not large, by outsourcing the demand of follow up order to a third party inspection company, such as CLI, they can concentrate their limited manpower and material resources on product research and marketing to realize the maximum work efficiency through professional social division of labor, so as to ensure the improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises. After selecting CLI inspection company, you can check Our service and find out the various service items provided by us to customers and the differences between CLI and traditional inspection methods.

What specific work will CLI inspection company do?

Many importers require the CLI inspection department to perform the “follow up order” service to ensure product quality of mass production. Due to the limited budget for quality control of customers with special quality requirements, not all orders need to be checked on line. For some very important orders or product item and potential quality problems customers are very worried about, they will require CLI to carry out follow up order in order to find out what quality problems will exist at different stages of manufacturing.

For CLI inspections, follow up order includes the following points that covered different production stages.

  • Initial production inspection ( on-site inspection at initial production stage )
  • During production inspection ( on-site inspection at intermediate stage of production )
  • Production monitoring ( on-site inspection during the whole of production process )
  • Pre shipment inspection ( on-site inspection when all products are finished and at least 80 % packaged )

For order tracking , which order types do most customers usually require the CLI to follow up order?

  • The order is for their own VIP customers. ( follow up order helps customers keep excellent maintenance service)
  • The order is a new product. ( CLI follow up order will help identify potential quality problems at the initial stage of manufacturing. )
  • The order is a repeated order, but some quality problems are difficult to solve in previous orders. ( CLI follow up order will supervise the factory in resolving quality problems that continue to occur in previous shipments. )
  • ETD of the order is very strict and air transportation needs to be avoided. Follow up order will help to determine the shipment date. (Through CLI follow up order, customers clearly understand the situation of the factory and avoid passively listening to one-way information from the factory. )
  • The customer suspects that the factory or supplier will lie to him during the manufacturing process. ( CLI follow up order is to go to the production site and make on-site inspection to obtain all necessary evidences, check the arrival of incoming materials and how many workers are used in the order, etc. )

Compared with pre shipment inspection, follow up order includes initial production inspection and during production inspection.It is often required to check potential quality problems, difficulties in daily production to verify the real problems that lead to manufacturing and shipment delays.

In addition, the “order tracking” also requires office staff of CLI company to carry out some auxiliary cooperation work, such as confirmation of package,labeling,laboratory testing,etc. However, the most important part is the follow up order on site, which controls the quality risk and manufacturing risk of each production link by covering all stages of product production and manufacturing. We represent the customer in the factory to supervise and advance the production schedule, also ensure the product quality meets the requirements. In short, for importers, follow up order is a one-stop babysitting service provided by CLI inspection.