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Commodity inspection services refer to the business activities in which the commodity manufacturer, buyer or third party, under certain conditions, with the aid of some means and methods, checks the quality, specification, weight, quantity, packaging, safety and hygiene of the commodity in accordance with the contract, standard or relevant laws, regulations and practices at home and abroad. Then make a judgment whether it is qualified or passed the inspection, or in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the sellers and the buyers, so as to avoid or resolve various disputes over the division of risk losses and responsibilities and to facilitate the settlement of the commodity handover and issue of various relevant certificates.

The aim is to use scientific inspection techniques and methods to correctly assess the quality of commodities.The task is to analyze and study the composition, structure and nature of the commodity and its influence on the quality of the commodity and to determine the use value of the commodity from the point of view of its usage and using conditions.Formulate commodity quality indicators and inspection methods, use various scientific inspection methods to assess commodity quality, and determine whether it meets the requirements of the specified standards.

It is useless for customers to have a lower price but an inappropriate quality, so after buyers find a supplier and how to Get Better Quality at Lower Prices, the most important thing is to control the quality risk of the supplier’s manufacturing process. According to the purpose of inspection, it can be divided into three types: production inspection, acceptance inspection and third party inspection.

  1. Production inspection: also called first party inspection and seller inspection.  It is a self-checking organization set up by the production enterprise or its competent department to carry out self-checking activities on the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
  2. Acceptance inspection: also called second party inspection and buyer inspection.  It is an inspection activity carried out by the buyers, which is in order to safeguard theirown and theircustomers’ interests and ensure that the purchased commodity meets the standards or contract requirements. The purpose is to find problems in time, feedback quality information, and urge the seller to correct or improve the quality of the goods.
  3. Third party inspection: also called fair inspection.The activity of commercial inspection serviceswhich iscarried out by a third party inspection organization who is irrelevant from the buying and selling interests according to relevant laws, standards or contracts.The aim is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties and the state, coordinate contradictions, and promote the normal conduct of commodity exchange activities.

CLI inspection company is an organization that engages in third-party inspection services in China. Our service targets are importers and buyers from worldwide.The product types of commodity inspection services are mainly concentrated in the field of consumer goods.

The commodity inspection services provided by CLI can help importers and retailers greatly reduce the cost of product quality control in the supply chain and ensure the safety of the supply chain.Specifically,by outsourcing commodity inspection services to the inspection companies like CLI, importers can immediately obtain a team of quality inspectors throughout China. More details please check About CLI, you can more intuitively understand and use our service. It is extremely convenient for customers to open up new suppliers in China without worrying about the product quality risk of using new suppliers.Using commodity inspection services, customers can realize to optimize the allocation of human resources for their company,thus focusing on product design, supplier development, customer development and marketing.

In this column, you can learn more about the content of CLI commercial inspection services and significance.For example:

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