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What is the quality inspection report format used by common third party inspection organizations?

Photography Style

Shortcut style

CLI inspection style

Photography style

Some inspection companies like to please customers with a quality inspection report with a large number of inspection pictures.Tell inspectors that they must spend a lot of working time to take hundreds of photos to record every detail of their inspection work. On the surface, this kind of inspection method seems reasonable. However, if the on-site inspectors only take photos, the effective inspection time will be greatly reduced.The bad consequence of this is that the work of on-site inspectors is limited to superficial inspection. Therefore, the working style of such inspection companies is a superficial inspection method. On the surface, inspector did a lot of work, but most of the time was for taking pictures. Turning the inspection work into photographing work is against the core content of the third party inspection work and against the original intention of the inspection work.

Shortcut style

Some inspection companies with very simple quality inspection report format is as small as one page of A4 paper and fewer than 10 photos, which is what we call ” shortcut” report style.  This type of inspection company usually attracts customers at an incredibly low labor day rate, but requires inspectors to work two or more case in one labor day to make more profits. This seems unsustainable, but as long as the number of new customers is higher than the number of lost customers, the company can continue to operate.In a sense, inspection companies that use shortcut format do one-time business inspection.

CLI inspection style

We call ourselves ” CLI inspection style” to ensure that our service becomes the most comprehensive quality control service in China. CLI quality inspection report includes photos showing customer’s quality problems, detailed product features showing basic processes, and relevant on-site tests of product function, etc.In the past ten years or more, the operation process of the quality inspection report format has been modified dozens of times.We only fill in the most useful information in the report.With the support of CLI information management system, inspectors can improve their work efficiency by at least 30 % in the inspection site.The inspection work content is completely customized and targeted to ensure the inspection effect. In the past inspection, what was the most common choice for our customers Pre Shipment Inspection,this can help customers to close the last step and ensure that there are no problems with the packaging, appearance and basic functions of the goods before shipment. If it is a new product, some customers will choose  During Production Inspection, when a small percentage of the product is completed to have a prior understanding of the product. If a problem is found, the factory can rework and make adjustments in time to avoid greater losses. Finally, we will be arranged to do pre shipment inspection before loading the container to ensure that everything is safe.

The advantage of CLI inspection is that you can feel more than a quality inspection report.

CLI inspection has developed the industry’s leading information support system to manage day-to-day operations, reduce risk and improve efficiency. This has become our core advantage in providing professional third party quality control services to importers and retailers around the world in China to achieve a lower cost and provide customers with service standards that are beyond the industry’s standards.

For CLI inspection, we are committed to becoming the best third party quality control service provider in China. Every inspection company will have its own advantages, is it safest to find the largest inspection company?  This is not a absolutely choice. Is Bigger Better will explain to you.

CLI inspection company focuses on providing new third party quality control service experience to small and medium- sized importers and retailers around the world.We do more inspection work than you can see in the quality inspection report.