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During production inspection refers to the quality inspection of products in the middle stage of production, usually when 30 % to 50 % of finished products are produced in factories. The purpose is to ensure that the product quality and delivery date can meet the customer’s requirements when the pre shipment inspection is carried out.During production inspection and pre shipment inspection both use the international standard ISO2859 sampling inspection scheme.

In order to realize the overall control of the production quality and delivery date of the factory products, the customer hopes to carry out the during production inspection in the middle of the production so as to know the production progress and overall quality of the large goods in detail.Once the problem is found, there is still time to remedy it to ensure that the overall mass production can meet the quality and delivery requirements before the final shipment.

Compared with during production inspection,initial production inspection refers to the initial stage of production, usually when 5 – 10 % of finished products are produced in factories. Then carry out product quality inspection to find out the quality and process problems of the small-scale production.During production inspection is to further verify and strengthen control of problems found in the early stage of production under the condition that the factory has completed 30 – 50 % of the mass production. In the middle and late stage of production, it is a key step to ensure that the overall quality and delivery time of the mass production meet pre shipment inspection requirements by comprehensively controlling the quality and manufacturability of the mass production.

Pre shipment inspection evaluates the overall quality of the finished product when 100 % of the large goods are completed and at least 80 % of them are packed.However, once it is found that there is a problem with the product quality, the factory will be required to rework after pre shipment inspection, which means the factory has to spend a lot of manpower and material resources,it will increase more labor and time costs.  In addition, rework of large goods can easily cause secondary injuries, such as damage to the outer package and decrease in the overall cleanliness of the product, which will cause other unexpected quality problems.Therefore, it is very difficult to persuade the factory to rework,unless there are serious quality problems, the factory will not choose to rework products.

In order to solve this problem, from the perspective of CLI inspection company, professional and effective inspection service should be adopted to avoid superficial inspection service. If you want to learn more about avoiding superficial tests, please see about Avoid Superficial Inspection. Learn more product manufacturing process inspection, the quality control will be used in the middle of product production, which is during production inspection. It focuses on whether the overall production process quality performance and production schedule meet the requirements. Since most of the products are still on the production line and not packaged during production inspection, it’s very good to avoid the situation that problems are found during pre shipment inspection, but is difficult to persuade the factory to rework them.

The existing large inspection companies, their business content is mainly pre shipment inspection and product laboratory testing,because the customers they serve are all hypermarkets and retail brands.Their understanding of during production inspection is only limited to simply copy the pre shipment inspection process. They believe that it is only by picking samples and counting quality problems. However, they ignore the special needs of customers who choose during production inspection service are to understand the production schedule and production capacity of the factory, evaluate the overall production quality stability of the product and the rationality of the production capacity distribution, which can put forward improvement suggestions for the control of technological problems of the product in time. For example, if the length of injection hole for plastics is greater than 2 mm, then it is required to reduce it to 0.5 mm, which will make the quality level of the whole batch of products much better.

However, if it is pre shipment inspection, the factory will not agree to rework the untrimmed injection hole completely, because it will require a lot of manpower and material to handle and deal with the aftermath. Besides, it may also cause secondary damage to a batch of product.However, if the factory does not agree to rework,the defective products are sold in the market that may increase the return rate of consumers, the results in losses may be no less than the one caused by rework. If you want to know more about the reason for the return, please check Why Return Goods.

However, during production inspection only requires 30 % to 50 % of the products are finished, factory packs a small number of products, most of the products are still on the production line, or under the quality control process before packing. The customer can communicate with the factory for improvement opinions based on the problems discovered during production inspection, especially the technical quality problems, such as controlling the exposed length of the injection hole to be 0.5mm, making targeted rework is easier for the factory to accept and carry out.

If the customer has a detailed and real during production inspection report as an evidence, it is difficult for the factory to find a variety of reasons to push away. Moreover, the factory knows that this rework is worth it. It only needs to instruct relevant personnel to pay attention to these problems and arrange for their implementation before final packaging.What’s more, due to the active cooperation with rework, it brings a very good impression to the customers, which is conducive to obtaining follow-up orders and can also avoid possible quality complaints.  Because the supplier knows that once there is a problem with the product quality, if the customer needs to arrange manpower for rework in Europe and America.The labor cost there is hug and the cost per hour is at least $ 30.

During production inspection cuts into the factory’s production and manufacture at the most suitable time, creates favorable conditions for customers and factories to communicate and improve the overall quality level of large goods.