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What is credit investigation service?

The importer must conduct an in-depth Credit Investigation on the supplier and the manufacturer while carefully selecting the supplier. A Credit Investigation helps the importer to have a basic understanding of the seller’s business creditworthiness and to avoid fraud, which is the first step in checking suppliers. In the import/export business, importers often suffer from the risk of not knowing the creditworthiness of their suppliers or factories. CLI works with professional credit agencies to help you identify suppliers that match your production capacity, performance and professionalism, and provide you with the most detailed and efficient credit investigation!

How do importers benefit from credit investigation service?

  • Can enhance the transparency of credit information between the two parties and reduce transaction costs.
  • Help to understand their credit history, credit limit.
  • Help to provide information and assessment support for the importer's trading and credit management decisions.
  • Forming a preliminary understanding of the importer's production capacity and professionalism.

Content and service flow of credit investigation service

  • Investigation of the supplier's background, business partner registration, legal representatives, shareholders and other responsible personnel of the basic situation, to prevent fraud.
  • Credibility-based information survey, investigation of the supplier's creditworthiness, human resources and other situations and industrial and commercial, tax matters.
  • Business scope or professional license.

The price of credit investigation service