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In the retail sector, the disadvantages of high return rate of goods

High return rate is dangerous for physical stores or online stores. If the consumer has already paid off the purchase price at the counter of the physical store or on the online shopping cart, but the quality of the purchased product is poor, the consumer will not hesitate to choose to return the product. A very high return rate is a nightmare for importers / retailers. What sellers lose is not only profits but also reputation.CLI inspection company aims to provide reliable and professional third party inspection services to importers and retailers from worldwide.

The common types of reasons for the return of goods from final consumers are as follows:
20 % of major appearance defects.
10 % of functional defects.
60 % is caused by slight appearance defects, such as dirts, scratches, etc.

What’s more, some products are inferior in quality and do not meet certain index standards, thus being forced by government agencies to recall products that are potentially dangerous to final consumers. Why Recall Goods elaborates the definition of recall and how to avoid it. 

In order to improve the product quality and reduce the return rate of consumers, they found the CLI inspection company directly or introduced by friends and asked us to provide them with the third party inspection services.They put forward their quality requirements and hoped that we would provide them with targeted third party inspection services.

In international trade, importers or chain retailers often develop new suppliers periodically in the hope of finding lower prices. Before using the third party inspection services from CLI inspection company, the quality of the new supplier’s products was not stable, and the trial mistake cost was high. As a result, they are cautious about developing new suppliers. In order to reduce the risk of product quality, we have to rely heavily on the current suppliers. It is difficult to reduce the purchasing cost and increase the operating interest rate by constantly developing new suppliers. Therefore,the implementation effect of procurement strategy through the development of more cost-effective supplier is not good.

By introducing the CLI’s third party inspection services to the supply chain, such as During Production Inspection, the importer can ensure that the production of problems can be checked timely and then strengthen quality control.Later,it’s a key step for the quality and technology issues of the following mass production can be controlled comprehensively to ensure that the overall quality of large goods and delivery meet the requirements of pre shipment inspection.The Pre-shipment Inspection is explained in detail. Such all of these were closely linked with each other, combined with full monitoring. Ultimately, our importers and retailers are pleasantly surprised to find that their final consumers ‘ return rates are significantly lower.

Even more, the third party inspection services provided by the CLI have increased efficiency and reduced trial mistake costs. A large number of new suppliers have been successfully developed in the short term, with an increase of more than twice times. The supply chain is becoming more and more diversified and the proportion of suppliers with high cost performance is increasing, which directly increase the profit margin.

According to the CLI Inspection Company’s statistics, if the returns rate of final consumers drops by 1%, it means that the profit rate will be increased by at least 2 %.What’s more,it maintains the company’s brand and reputation.

CLI provides reliable third party inspection services to customers of importers and retailers from worldwide. After years of hard work, through the network and information technology, the leading internal inspection has been established, the internal management system has been set up, and the business operation has been lean. This provides a solid guarantee for CLI inspection company’s high cost performance and professional third party inspection services.

Our overseas importer and retailer customers not only improve the supply chain management to ensure the quality and safety of the supply chain, but also significantly increase the operating profit margin by integrating the third party inspection services of the CLI into their supply chain management system. Years of successful services have made them regard CLI as a reliable third-party inspection service provider in China,and we are proud of it.