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CLI third party factory audit is generally classified as follows:

Factory audit

Factory quick audit

Social compliance audit

Trend of outsourcing factory audit

With the trend of globalization, since the reform and opening up in 1980, China has become a global manufacturer. Traditionally, overseas importers develop supply chains by visiting new factories in person, introducing friends or participating in international exhibitions.

With the trend of specialization, more and more importers give quality control and factory audit to third-party inspection companies to carry out factory audits on their behalf. For example, the advantages of customer outsourcing factory audit to CLI inspection company are obvious, so that they can focus on marketing,customer maintenance and reduce the business risk of developing new suppliers. As for the quality control of current suppliers, corresponding inspection methods can be arranged according to different requirements. Please check more different inspection type services at Inspection.

According to the CLI’s factory audit report, customers can fully understand the new factory from several aspects.  Help them understand the situation of each factory in detail and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each factory, so that the consumers can Get Better Quality at Low Prices.

But why does the CLI provide four factory audits?

  • Factory audit is the most frequently used audit service. Factory audit of CLI will collect all necessary information by assigning auditors to visit the factory and objectively evaluate the factory according to the actual situation. Factory audit includes the factory’s hardware and manufacturing process as well as the ISO quality management system. Factory audit usually takes one day to complete and then completes the factory audit report on the second working day. Compared with ” Quick factory audit”, we call it standard factory audit.
  • Quick factory audit is a cost-effective factory audit. If importers only need informal audit services, we recommend this service type.Quick factory audit usually includes collecting on-site evidence of workshop / equipment / on-site quality management. The audit process covered focuses on on-site evidence collection and the audit report is relatively concise.
  • Social audit is to assess whether the factory obey social responsibility during the process of organizing workers to carry out production. The common social audit standards is SA 8000 / BSCI / Aedex,etc. These standards are very similar. Due to different organizations, the key points are different. The standard adopted depends mainly on the customer’s needs. Compared with factory audit, social audit focuses on discovering and preserving evidence of violations of workers’ human rights.

Besides, the factory audit of CLI is designed to meet the diversified audit needs of importers / retailers worldwide.
Through a complete audit service, CLI factory audit can help you ensure the security of your supply chain.