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The advantages of outsourcing inspection services

Before outsourcing the pre shipment inspection to the third-party inspection agencies, some customers had to spend thousands of dollars on travel and tens of hours flying to  factories in China to carry out the product quality inspection before shipment. For example, an American importer would have to spend $ 1,000 on a one-way flight for 18 hours. This is indeed a time-consuming and money-consuming job for the importer.

An American customer contacted CLI which is one of the third party inspection agencies introduced by a friend. He gave us a trial order. However, CLI’s service standards is much beyond his expectations from most third party inspection agencies, with professional test items and detailed reports. Through this professional report, he can easily understand the overall quality of the purchased products. If you want to learn more about CLI inspection company, please see About CLI.

Comparing that the customers go to China to check the product quality of goods in China in  person , CLI, as one of the third party inspection agencies, we have professional product knowledge and rich inspection experience,  we can find visible and invisible quality risks before the customer decides whether to ship or not.

According to the customer, the 238 USD is really too valuable, cheap and professional. Compared with spending 2,000 USD on air tickets and more than 24 hours of flight time on factory inspection, it is almost a waste of time and money. Therefore, the American customer entrusted CLI inspection company as his only third party inspection agency in China. In addition, American customers decided to set up a representative office instead of inspection department in china,and only with a function of purchasing, sample delivery and logistics. Let professionals do the right thing, for American customers, what he has is the advantage of product design and marketing.

By outsourcing the inspection to third party inspection agencies such as CLI, there is no need to consider the quality risk of products purchased from China.American customers only need to hire an office clerk in China office and three office workers and two warehouse workers in the U.S.to focus on the most critical issues. They can boldly develop product categories and develop new supplier resources. In a very short period of time, the turnover will be double to $ 5 million.

U.S customers also introduced CLI inspection company to friends engaged in international trade. This helps his friends who start their business from a low quality control budget to obtain professional testing services to deal with quality risks in international trade.

Someone asked what kind of third party inspection agencies are the best? CLI believes that there is no so-called best third party inspection agency, which is also irrelevant  to the size of the company, Is the bigger the better, let’s see in details. Fit is the best. For small importers, it is unwise to outsource inspection services to some large third party inspection agencies with a history of more than 100 years, they are too old to hear your voice. Just like the old man, he will live in the past forever.

CLI inspection shows that finding the right third party inspection agencies is a prerequisite for importers to ensure the quality and safety of imported products. Large but expensive and small but very cheap,neither is necessarily the best option. However, also needs to avoid hiring third party inspection agencies that provide superficial inspection services at all times.

The following are some of the advantages for outsourcing inspections to CLI third party inspection agency:

  • You do not need to set up your own inspection team, which can save your cost and time in supply chain management.
  • You can get an inspection team with more than 60 inspectors in a few minutes.
  • By developing more cost-effective supplier factories to optimize the supply chain, more profits and better quality can be obtained from the purchase process.