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It seems impossible to obtain better product quality at lower FOB prices. However, through the introduction of the third party inspection agency to conduct quality inspection of your goods, it is indeed possible to obtain better product quality at lower prices.

If overseas importers do not introduce a third party inspection agency to control the quality of their products in their purchasing management, suppliers or factories are always trying to make higher profits from their current customers, then they are not concerned with the interests of their customers but with profits.Because they know that they can decide to ship as long as the quality of the shipment basically meets the requirements. Without external pressure, such from the third party inspection agency, they have no incentive to improve quality. When the factories know that the customers want to inspect the goods, they will be more vigilant in production to avoid the situation of failing to pass the inspection or finding big problems. Otherwise, once something goes wrong, they will have to spend more money on rework and even face discounts for their customers. Please check the specific service types. Inspection hope it can help you choose the inspection service that suits you. 

It is nonsense that the old saying is ” good quality and high price”. If an importer purchases two different products from a factory, the high-priced products may be better in quality than the low-priced products. However, if we compare the prices and quality of the same products with two or more factories, we will find that it is completely a fraud.

For example, both factory A and factory B can produce one product. The customers have been dealing with factory A for many years, but they may still choose to cooperate with factory B because they can provide better quality but lower price. However, many importers are not willing to find new factories, because the some risks needs to be taken by developing new factories. Another possibility is that when an importer takes an interest in a Chinese supplier through internet channels, before confirming the cooperation intention of both parties,they can hire a third-party inspection organization to help him to have a general understanding of several major aspects of the supplier. For this purpose, CLI inspection company has specially developed a factory audit process, please check Quick Supplier Audit.

It is very wise to choose to employ the third party inspection agency to control the quality of new suppliers / factories and reduce the quality risk of changing factories with the lowest quality control budget.

What did you obtain from employing the third party inspection agency to carry out pre shipment inspection or factory audit at a factory in mainland China?

Put pressure on old suppliers and tell them not to try to reduce quality by inferior materials, reducing manufacturing and process. For the new factory, the third party inspection agency’s strict pre shipment inspection will let them know your quality standards and ensure that they respect your quality requirements and product quality standards.

Reduce the quality risk of the supply chain by establishing a third party inspection agency as the core of quality control. Importers and retailers can use various channels to develop new suppliers / factories compared to pay a small amount of inspection fees. So as to obtain better purchase prices and more kinds of product catalogs to expand the market and make more profits.

A customer from south America, whose import headquarters is in HongKong, is mainly engaged in car DVD players. Before using the third party inspection agency to carry out pre shipment inspection and factory audit for him, he found it difficult to obtain better prices from old suppliers. The old supplier always told him that the labor cost and material cost had increased and refused to lower the sales price. The factory thought that the customer would compromise. After all, they has been working together for so long and they are all familiar with each other, it is not easy to find a new factory. Later, through the Audit service provide by CLI third party inspection agency, the customer quickly developed several new DVD Player manufactures. Finally, the old factory had to agree to lower the price to retain the customer. Of course, as long as there is no quality problem and the price is lowered, customers will definitely give priority to purchase from familiar suppliers.

By employing the third party inspection agency such as CLI inspection company to carry out pre shipment inspection and factory audit, let the old suppliers know that they are not the only choice for your purchase. Moreover, give the old supplier an impression that you are always concerned about the quality and price of products. Therefore, as long as you make full use of the unique role of the CLI third party inspection agency, you can realize lower prices and better product quality by continuously developing new suppliers.