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Typical inspection fees

Make sure what is included in the inspection fees when consulting the third party inspection agency for inspection fees.It’s very important.

  • The inspection fee for some inspection agencies includes the basic person-day rate plus travel expenses ( transportation, hotels, if any ).
  • Some inspection fees are full package prices, such as CLI inspection.
  • The inspection fees charged by some inspection agents are linked to the value of the order, for example, 0.3 % or more, plus the basic labor cost.

Nowadays, importers and retailers all over the world are using third-party inspection services. Customers prefer to choose inspection agencies that offer full package prices. Why? If the inspection charge is a full package price, the customer will clearly know the cost of a certain inspection and help the customer control the inspection budget accurately. Therefore,the full package price is the simplest and most friendly inspection charge.

Why do some inspection agencies prefer to divide the inspection charge into three parts, including the basic person’s day expenses, travel expenses and report expenses? Because they mainly attract potential customers with extremely low daily expenses, and then increase the high amount of travel expenses on the inspection charge bill in order to obtain sufficient profits. In addition to avoiding the inspection company from attracting customers at low prices, it is better to know that not the bigger inspection company is the best. Read Is the Bigger the Better to learn how to choose a suitable inspection company. 

An inspection agency that provides a full package of inspection charge needs an extensive network of inspectors. Because manufacturing plants are distributed in many cities, if the inspector network is too small, it will not be able to completely cover coastal cities and inland capital cities in mainland China. This means that inspectors will spend a lot of time on the road, otherwise inspectors will require more working days to complete their tasks. CLI has more than 60 inspectors in China’s coastal cities and inland capital cities. Please check Coverage, CLI uses the principle of proximity to arrange the inspectors, which can save the journey time so that the inspector has more time to focus on inspection, improve efficiency and help consumers reduce quality risks. 

Which type of quality inspector is used for CLI inspection?

The inspection industry is a white-collar intensive industry. The inspectors employed by CLI inspection have the ability to read and write in English, which means that they have studied in university for at least 3 years. In addition, inspectors must adapt to the working environment of travel. Therefore, we can’t imagine those inspectors who use English as a tool to frequently travel to factories to carry out inspection work and earn lower salaries than office staff. Therefore, if the inspection charge given to you by some inspection agencies is as low as 120 USD per person a day,then let go and never trust them.

Because, if the inspection charge is so low, the inspection agency will have few profits. If they do this, it means that the inspectors they use do not understand English. Or they require inspectors to carry out two or even three inspections within a working day. And a qualified inspection, based on our experience, an inspector can only inspect in one factory within one day. Please check our Inspection Report help you better understand our service. 

The above is a summary of some typical inspection charge types by CLI inspection company. When you consult the inspection charge, please pay attention to above points.

Pricing & Conditions

CLI Inspection offers All-Inclusive fees for standard quality control and factory audits in China.  In case that an inspection require more than one man-day to complete, you will be advised online during booking. 

All our expenses include:

  • Transportation, catering and normal overtime work
  • Prepare ( agreement, inspection list ) and coordinate work / review
  • Inspection and report review
  •  Issue inspection report and certificate to clients
  • Online services, including search engines, access our database
  • Online approval / rejection

Invoicing and payment:

All inspection and auditing services will be invoiced at the end of each month.
Orders are usually paid online in advance at the time of booking. If you want to pay later ( via transfer ( T/ T) or online payment ), your order will be priced at an additional fee+ 4.6 %.
For new customers, payment needs to be withdrawn before the first inspection service is finished.

Terms & Conditions of Service