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Advantages of CLI China inspection services

CLI inspection company is committed to providing high cost-effective China inspection services to importers and retailers worldwide. After years of development,CLI inspection company has redefined the service standards of inspection industry by introducing the brand-new concept of China inspection services.

  • Simple all-inclusive man-day fee without other fee,so the customer has clear data on the quality control budget of each inspection order.
  • The professional knowledge of products covers consumer goods in most of catalogs.
  • Taking information technology to manage inspection technology as the advantage.

CLI inspection company has been dedicated to learning and developing first-class inspection knowledge and knowledge management system for many years,which enables us to provide outstanding China inspection services to global customers.The core advantage is to allow customers to participate in the customization of inspection projects at the initial stage of the China inspection services. With the help of CLI’s ERP system,all necessary information is organically combined and linked together.In addition,the internal quality risk assessment subsystem helps CLI inspection company to improve the working depth and efficiency of China inspection services to a great extent.

We have thousands of real test cases,covering almost all consumer goods,which have been well organized by CLI ERP system.It has systematic integration of all cases with detailed and real technical analysis.It has become a valuable industry experience that can be organized and inherited. What’s more,it is also an important technical document that CLI provides customers with superior China inspection services to other peers .No doubt it helps CLI inspection company to establish unique industry competitiveness.

CLI inspection company's product expertise

For the inspection of all consumer goods and some industrial parts,we mainly classify them into four product catalogs.The CLI inspection company will assign inspectors with different professional technologies to the factory to carry out product inspection before shipment,so as to ensure the professionalism of China inspection services.

  • Electrical and electronic products : CLI inspectors sent to conduct China inspection services for customers need more technical background.
  • Textile products :Need years of industry experience and product inspection,familiar with manufacturing process,understand English.
  • Household goods:The determination of suitable inspection methods for certain types of products requires inspectors to have sharp manufacturing experience in various types of products.
  • Industrial parts:CLI inspection company usually designates inspectors with mechanical background to carry out China inspection services for customers.

In order to provide customers with professional quality control,CLI covers the whole China,and  our inspectors are mainly distributed in coastal cities in China, Coverage Area details the business scope of CLI and outstanding supervisors of each team.

Differences between traditional typical inspection methods and CLI inspection methods

In the past,some importers knew very little about China inspection services provided by third-party inspection companies,and they tended to believe that most third-party inspection companies provided the same quality inspection services before shipment,there was nothing special about sending an inspector to the factory to carry out product inspection.In order to reduce the budget of China inspection services,they chose the third-party inspection company with the lowest quotation for man-day expenses.As a result,when an inspection report was received,the importer found that everything was very ” concise”. This inspection report was basically unable to provide valuable product quality information.There is a common sense that it is definitely not good to buy the cheapest goods or services,neither is the most expensive one.The most important is the right one.

CLI inspection company is committed to providing foreign customers with the most cost-effective China inspection services.For CLI,providing effective China inspection services is definitely not as simple as employing several inspectors and sending them to the factory for product inspection. But there are always customers who think that setting up an inspection team will be better to manage and even save some cost.Is this the truth Set Up Own QC Team,this article can tell customers the advantages and disadvantages of this.

This is a systematic work,so if there is no effective information management system,it will almost be a difficult task to fully meet the quality requirements of different customers.However,at least the CLI has taken a big step forward,reshaping the traditional inspection industry for more than 100 years through the industry’s leading information management system.

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