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In the daily business process of implementing product quality control for customers, CLI inspection company has produced a large number of quality cases involving all aspects of product quality control. We realize that detailed analysis and classification of these quality cases can enable consumers to understand the value of product quality control provided by CLI inspection from different perspectives.

When importing goods from China, importers or retailers can do without product quality control, but only in different ways. For example, relying on the product quality control of suppliers and relying on importers to do their own quality control,the most common practice is to outsource the quality control demands to third-party companies that are similar to CLI.  CLI inspection is dedicated to providing high cost-effective and professional inspection services to importers and retailers from worldwide. About CLI introduces our services in a comprehensive and detailed way, which helps importers or retailers greatly reduce product quality risks in international trade. 

Quality cases includes the following four parts:

Brands Cases

It is about the quality cases of brand merchants.It mainly focuses on the typical quality cases generated in the process of CLI inspection for brand customers.

Quality Mirror

It discusses how to obtain valuable experience from quality cases so as to facilitate readers to learn from relevant businesses and reduce losses.

Production Process

It introduces the production and manufacturing process of common consumer goods. Analyzes the importance of the production and manufacturing process of products to the final product quality from the perspective of the third party product quality control.

Quality video

It shares short videos of product quality control effects, usually including: inspection process, manufacturing process, etc.

Through detailed quality cases and on the basis of authenticity, the quality blog verified by CLI shows readers the quality risks of all kinds of consumer goods from the professional perspective of the third party product quality control, which covers all aspects of importer supply chain management. So that global importers operating different product types can find similar quality cases,learn from them and improve the safety management level of the supply chain. Finally realize that building the quality and safety of imported goods based on professional product quality control let global importers can obtain greater profits from international trade. About Your Benefits tells the importer in detail about the benefits from different aspects and the efforts made by CLI inspection.