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What is sample review service?

Normally, before the bulk production of the order, the importer needs to review the samples provided by the factory, which means that the samples are sent to the importer for a long distance between countries accross thousands of kilometers. After confirmation, it is sent back to the factory for bulk production. This is a long waiting period, but a necessary part of international trade. CLI’s sample audit service puts an end to this waiting period. The importer chooses to send a sample to CLI, and the QA and QC departments work together to verify that the sample meets the importer’s requirements, from the production process to the potential quality risks.

How do importers benefit from sample review service?

  • Avoid wasting time on international shipments and customs clearance. For example, the importer can decide whether to send the samples abroad based on the results of the sample audit, thus reducing the need for multiple international shipments.
  • All categories of products are sent to CLI for audit and storage, which can shorten the delivery time and reduce international transportation costs.
  • Sample audit and inspection to the same third party, which means outsourcing the quality control of the product, reducing communication costs.
  • Get sample audit results quickly.
  • Customized reporting formats.
  • Get constructive suggestions. Because after the sample audit, the importer can ask the factory to improve the production process based on the results of the audit to reduce the quality risk at a later stage.

Content and service flow of sample review service

  • Get the contact information of the factory and the special requirements of the importer.
  • Contact with the factory to confirm the delivery time and address of the samples.
  • Get product information from the factory.
  • Begin sample review: dimensional weight measurement, visual inspection, functional inspection, abuse testing, structural inspection, etc.
  • Based on the basic inspection results and the importer's opinion on the product, we will conduct technical analysis and evaluation of the samples.
  • Simulation of actual consumer use.
  • Sorting out the audit situation and issuing audit report.
  • Wait for importer feedback and seal the samples.

The price of sample review service