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Some importers tend to employ a very large third party inspection company to carry out pre shipment inspection.They do not consider whether this is suitable for them and just take it for granted that the big one is good. On the surface, this is logical. Some large third party inspection companies have been working for global retailers for more than 100 years, their main customers are similar to large retailers such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart and Tesco. Their daily operations depend on a standard operating procedure for large retailers, which may be good for large customers but may not suitable for small and medium importers.

The third party inspection company relies on perfecting customer service to make customers satisfied. The cost of providing a perfect service experience is not low. If you are not their most valued customer , they will not pay attention to your special quality needs or even turn a deaf ear to your voice. Using their processes to test your products are not very targeted, there will always be superficial tests. How do you Avoid Surface Inspection? The inspection provided by CLI can help small and medium sized customers to reduce the quality risk of their products. 

Internationally, the competition among the large third party inspection is how to provide high-quality and low-priced inspection services for large customers. However, all businesses are for profit. If the business volume of small and medium sized importers or retailers is not large enough, please do not think you can get VIP service from them. After all, customized service is the most lacking service from these large third party inspection company. Moreover, they do not give benefits to small and medium sized customers like big customers,after all, the company’s main profits are from big customers and they have no time to improve the service experience of small and medium-sized customers. The inspection service provided by CLI company is cost – effective. It can satisfy the customer’s needs as much as possible.At the same time, make the customer feel that it is more than its value. Please check Price of CLI for details.

The traditional third party inspection company usually operates in a traditional way, most of them think it is not necessary to develop an information system to manage and coordinate with the daily inspection operation. However, with the rise of online sales, the business of emerging online retailers continues to expand, and they definitely have different quality requirements. With the development of the internet, they do everything through the internet. If they choose to cooperate with a large but very traditional third party inspection company, which may have a history of more than 100 years, what will happen? It can be imagined that the testing needs of the emerging online retailers can be not understood, this is also the generation gap. The new third party inspection company was born at the right time to meet the brand-new quality requirements of these customers.

Due to China’s status as a manufacturing factory in the world, both physical store retailers and online store retailers need to purchase products from China or Asian countries. The difference is that the sales channel and the marketing channel, which directly leads to different viewpoints of quality demands. Apart from the inspection service suit for small and medium-sized consumers, CLI inspection company has also made corresponding factory audit procedures. Please check Quick Factory Audit.

Therefore, CLI inspection company recommends small and medium online retailers and importers to find a small third party inspection company as your quality control partner, such as CLI to carry out pre hipment inspection for you.

Big doesn’t mean good,choosing the right one is the best choice.